1. Working on a little illustration for a local government. Construction crews are in a  process of gutting car-centric thoroughfares to make them more pedestrian and cyclist friendly. Improvements include adding refuge medians, smart signaling, landscaping and better lighting. The rich illustrative style is meant to make technical jargon understandable to general public. The original diagram was not very legible: 

  2. Dubai Integrated Transport Network
    System Map Design Proposal

    A few months ago, Matt Forrest (Carticulate Maps) asked me to redesign Dubai’s system map as part of a larger proposal Matt was working on at the time. Here is what we did:

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  3. Tip: Map Design with Adobe Illustrator.

    Designing maps involves a great deal of technique and precision. Though nowadays programs largely automate this century-old craft, keeping a well-organized Illustrator workspace will increase your efficiency. Jump past the break to see the four tricks that will streamline your workflow. 

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  4. How do you get around town? 

  5. Work in progress: Re-designing the transit map of Rochester Minn.

  6. Making Sense of Crime
    Work in progress

    Here’s another attempt to tap into public data. Based on Stamen Design’s excellent San Francisco Crimespotting website, this tablet app would offer a more detailed  breakdowns of the data.

    Minneapolis Police Dept. provides weekly crime reports. They are are pretty nice and contain detailed location and description on each call. However, tabular data and spreadsheets aren’t particularly user-friendly. The tablet app makes crime look easy by displaying current activity in any given neighborhood. The icons correspond to various types of crime, and  the heat map reflect overall crime activity in the neighborhood. Detailed crime statistics are provided by time of day, week, month. 

  7. Work in progress. Twin Cities owl service map. 

  8. Cameron Booth of Transit Maps tumblog posted up a critique of Twin Cities transit map

  9. Future Minneapolis & St. Paul Transit Map

    We are proud to present the Future Twin Cities Transit Map. A comprehensive summary of current rapid transit proposals, this version shows all existing and future light rail & BRT lines as well as select major bus routes, commuter rail and HSR connections. 

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  10. Test print  arrived! Here’s a sneak peak

    Final print will be 28.5” by 21” printed on heavy matte paper. Interested in getting one of these? Sign up  to be notified when it becomes available.